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Our Curriculum

Our school closely follows a professionally developed, enriching curriculum appropriate for infancy through pre-kindergarten. The curriculum focuses on children's emotional/social development, independence, growth, language and literacy skills, recognition and comprehension of letters and sounds, numbers, shapes, and patterns. The curriculum meets the age-appropriate needs of each classroom.

Learning Without Tears: Get Set for School

​We know that children have a wide range of needs and abilities, and we offer a strong Pre-K curriculum that not only invites participation and play, but also challenges all children to grow and stay engaged.


We also recognize that parents are our children's first and most important teachers and that Pre-K is often their first school experience, away from home. We have intentionally planned a Pre-K experience to create a smooth and successful transition between home and school. 


The Learning Without Tears curriculum (formerly known as Handwriting Without Tears) includes the fun, hands-on Get Set for School Pre-K program. This uses a full pre-writing program that builds on critical skills like early math and literacy. It is a three-part process that includes Reading and Writing, Language and Literacy, and Numbers and Math.

We also use weekly bible verses and a letter-based theme. We use small group stations to help with independent learning, self-focusing and learning patience.

Reading and Writing

​Multi-sensory lessons help children develop important KIndergarten readiness skills. As children develop their motor skills, we actively and regularly teach good crayon and pencil grips in the components of handwriting. We focus on letter recognition and sounds following alphabet-based weekly themes.

  • Learning letter sounds and spelling with music

  • Mat Man (learning drawing, shapes and parts of the body)

  • Wooden pieces and hands-on letter play

Language and Literacy

Skills are presented explicitly and progress from easiest to most challenging.

  • Phonological awareness

  • Alphabet knowledge

  • Concepts about print and books

  • Vocabulary and word concepts

  • Oral language skills

Numbers and Math

Lessons give children time to play with real objects and test their ideas so that math becomes real and meaningful.

  • Shapes and patterns

  • Counting skills

  • Measurement and time concepts

  • Problem solving skills

  • Math vocabulary

Kids Kare Center


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